The Power of Great Relationships for Great Parenting

Satyen Raja circles the globe, offering a full spectrum of experiential trainings with his wife Suzanne creating passionate love between couples. Satyen and Suzanne’s multi-cultural backgrounds and extensive study and travel combine to create an irresistible approach to living. Their joint passion is to share this approach, helping others create spectacular lives.

Satyen and Suzanne believe that the number one problem facing parents today is that parents are losing passion with each other because of all the things they have to do in their life. They are also putting their children’s needs ahead of each other’s needs. To give your children the best life possible, you need to nurture your relationship with your spouse.

Suzanne says there are two things in her life: number one is her husband, number two is her children. In that order. If you want to give your children everything, you can’t deplete yourself. The place where you get replenished is with your partner. You have to have playtime with your partner.

According to Suzanne, if you love your man, you have to love his mama. Her relationship with her in-laws has not always been easy. By changing her mindset she was able to create a positive relationship with them. Here are her recommendations on how to get along well with your in-laws.

Be grateful that your in-laws brought your spouse into the world.
Decide to honor and love your in-laws until they can no longer resist you.
Don’t take it personal. Realize that your husband’s mother is feeling conflicted because she now has a different role in her son’s life.
Show your in-laws that you are on their side.
Always respect your in-laws, even when you don’t agree with them.
Love and a deep, unifying relationship is so important. As you put your partner first in your life, your children will have an excellent model for marriage as well as a happy home life.

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