Parenting a Child With Extreme Behaviors: Lying, Stealing, Defiance, and Aggression

“Bryan’s energy is so contagious! His explanation is so clear and understandable I firmly believe this is going to drastically change my family! We have been under a lot of stress this year and it is showing in the kids. Now I can see how to get past this. A million thanks!” – Meaghan from Ontario, Canada

Parenting a child with extreme behaviors can be daunting. Bryan Post, as Founder and CEO of the Post Institute for Family-Centered Therapy based in Virginia Beach,VA, tackles the problem of parenting a child with extreme behaviors. Bryan has traveled all over the world providing consultation and treatment as a renowned clinician, lecturer, and author. He works with children, adults, and families who struggle with trauma from early life that effects their mind-body development.

Bryan believes that:

Dynamics in the family play out in relationships in the greater world
By improving family relationships, the world will become a better place to live
The “old-school” method was based on causing fear in our children
Parents should focus on the cause of the negative behavior, such as fear and stress
Building a positive and secure atmosphere will eliminate the need for the antisocial behavior
In a supportive atmosphere, the child will become emotionally strong

Bryan’s Method for Parents to Deal with Negative Behavior:

Take 3-10 deep breaths before responding to negative behavior
Tell yourself “My child is afraid right now.”
Look at your child and put your hand on his or her shoulder
Tell the child “You are going to be okay.”
Walk away (this gives the child time to calm down and relax)
After the child is calm, tell him “When you tell me a lie, it scares me. It makes me sad. It makes me feel like you don’t trust me. I need you to know that you are going to be okay.”
Bryan believes that parenting a child with extreme behaviors is a process. Parents can positively affect the outcome of a child emotionally by providing a secure environment where the negative behavior becomes unnecessary. This will result in a decrease in the anti-social behavior and help to produce a healthy adult. The emotionally stable adult will then bring this same healing quality to society at large.

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Bryan Post has inspired some parents to say:

“Bryan’s energy is contagious! I am inspired by his words and it has reinforced my beliefs about Parenting. Thank you Bryan, you are a blessing to families everywhere. Thank you Jacqueline for giving your time and energy to bring us this information so we can change our parenting paradigm. – Nuala from Ireland

“That’s so great ‘ignore the lie not the child’. Wow this is such new and great information. For my parents and teacher in both Pitter Patter Feet Community, Facebook, and Family Strength Associates definitely sign up for his series at D’Tarelle Tullis, Owner of Pitter Patter Feet

“Wow. Wish my husband could be hearing this now. This is so helpful to know. Hits the nail on the head, really. Thank you.” – Andrea

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