Help with Organizing and the Importance of Finding Your Pause Button

You want to be the best parent you can be. However, if you are buried in clutter, or blowing up at your kids, you can’t be your best. That’s why last week I kicked off the Great Parenting Show with interviews with Marla Cilley, the organizational expert better known as the FlyLady, and Hal Runkel, best-selling author of ScreamFree Parenting.

I didn’t expect to learn a lot for myself from Marla Cilley. I’m fairly organized, and thought our listeners would be the biggest benefactors from her wisdom. To my delight I picked up useful tips about our back-to-school routine as well as new inspiration to clear out the few areas that are cluttered in my life. I loved her 27 fling boogie idea for making decluttering fun for parents AND kids. Let me know if you catch her 48 hour free replay what you found helpful!

I also have learned a lot of techniques for staying scream free in my parenting. Nevertheless Hal Runkel was full of great tips that I will apply to my family. I’ve already apologized to my son for being too quick to respond to him when he swore the other day. Although I stand by my objection to him swearing (he’s 13 and he was angry at the time), I realized that had I pushed pause, I would have been calmer and gentler in my rebuke. He’s a great kid and he didn’t deserve or need the lecture he got from his dad and I. We were hot and needed to calm down first, as Hal so poignantly pointed out.

The common theme in both interviews is that parenting is about us growing up and becoming happier people with the challenges in our lives. When we focus on our kids, we lose our power to directly change and improve our family. Yes, our children often have to change too, but when we lead instead of push from behind, everyone is happier and the results are far more effective.

Let me know your thoughts on organizing, scream free parenting and other big issues for your family. If you haven’t already, sign up for the free series of 24 experts. You may have missed the first free replay of Marla and Hal (there will be another chance to hear them later in the season!). The great news is you still have a chance to ask your top question of the next 22 parenting experts! Many of the top parenting experts in North America are still to come, so sign up and take advantage of this unique and powerful chance to transform your family for generations to come.

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