Bullying in Schools: An Exciting New Approach

The following is one of the articles on bullying by Adam Blum that I have found to be very insightful. It comes from his blog at http://www.totalbullysolution.com/blog with help from Newsweek. After the bullying article, I will add my comments.

One of the many reasons why school anti-bullying programs do not work is that very few people ever see themselves as the “bad guy”; bullies see their actions as harmless fun, or totally justifiable or even see themselves as a ‘victim’. When presented with an anti-bullying program in school, they’re likely to wear the pink t-shirts (or wristbands) and take a pledge like everyone else… without recognizing how inappropriate their own behavior is.

At the moment, “school districts can choose from dozens of programs [to ameliorate bullying],” says Scott W. Ross, a Utah State University professor who, along with Gueldner and another colleague, conducted Oregon’s 24-year meta-analysis of 16 anti-bullying curricula, “all with different philosophies.” But aggression, like kindness, doesn’t come in countable units, so it’s tough to determine effectiveness. In fact, some schools report an increase in bullying after programs begin, as teachers and students become more aware of negative incidents. “So it’s hard to say this or that program really works to stop bulying,” says Ross.

Breaking from the pack is a program from Canada called The Roots of Empathy. It takes a different approach: using a Social/Emotional Learning paradigm, it seeks to teach kindness, empathy and compassion to students.

So far, the evidence supporting this program looks very promising. It’s worth a shot. The world certainly could use more kindness.

By Adam Blum

Unfortunately, as the article states, bullying programs often are ineffective, despite the huge dollars invested and time spent implementing them.

If you don’t want to wait with your fingers crossed, hoping your local school district will implement the Roots of Empathy program or some amazing anti-bullying program, check out Adam Blum’s The Total Bully Solution. I am proud to be an affiliate of the author, Adam Blum. After years in the parenting education field, I like his approach. He focuses on teaching kids assertiveness skills that bully-proof them. He also teaches parents how to tell if their children have been bullied.

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