Bully-Proofing Your Child, Made Easy

Listener Christine Carlson said “Izzy Kalman was awesome. I have learned SO MANY powerful tools to help my son circumvent a situation from escalating.”

Izzy Kalman is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist who has been working in schools and private practice since 1978. He has developed fun and effective methods that use role playing to teach basic psychological principles for solving bullying, aggression and relationship problems. His resources can be found on his website www.Bullies2Buddies.com.

According to Izzy Kalman, the number one fear of parents is bullying, not drug use. Some people define bullying as “all negative behavior”. Mr. Kalman does not agree with that definition. Bullying is actually using power to intimidate people and forcing them to do things that they don’t want to do.

Our whole lives we are taught the importance of being nice to everyone. When people aren’t nice, we get offended and want to make them be nice to us. Children who are victims of bullying try to stop the bullying by defending themselves to the bully. This approach does not work. It actually makes the situation worse. The bully has all the power when the victim is defending himself.

The only reason people get picked on again and again is because they are trying to make the bully quit insulting them. The more upset they get, the more gratifying it is for the bully. Instead of trying to make the bully quit calling him names, the child needs to be taught to respond to insults by agreeing with the bully. The Golden Rule works with bullies. Treat your enemies like friends and they will be nicer to you.

In the interview Izzy Kalman goes into more detail about:

The real truth behind the anti-bullying policies at public schools
The number one cause of hostility between people
Role playing exercises that will enable your child to stop being bullied
The “Magic Response” to being hurt and/or hit
How to stop rumors

Here’s what other listeners had to say about the interview with Izzy Kalman:

“Today’s show was INCREDIBLE! Thank you Izzy Kalman for taking part of the Great Parenting Show! I found this information empowering. I’ve thought for years that the solution to the problem isn’t being given to our children. Izzy gave us the tools to give to our children.” ~ Dianna Richards Chou

“Great show. The whole series is wonderful, I’m getting so much out of it. Thank you for putting this together and supporting parents in this way!” ~ Laya Saul

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