14 Gifts of Love that You Give to Your Children

  • Love is committing ourselves to becoming better people for the sake of our children.
  • Love is being patient with them and with ourselves as we slowly or quickly move towards making our intentions a reality.
  • Love is getting up early to exercise, finding time at lunch or finding time in the evening because we know that we are a better parent and a happier, healthier person when we are fit and have those wonderful endorphins coursing through our veins!
  • Love is cultivating our relationship with our partner if we have one, so that our children live in the overflow of our love.
  • Love is treating ourselves as the CEO of our own life, including finding ways to be creative and continue to learn and grow so that we have lots to give our kids, and so that we can let our kids fly and have their own lives when they are ready.
  • Love is asking for help from friends and family, or finding groups to join when parenting gets tough.
  • Love is finding moments to be affectionate and just enjoy each others company.
  • Love is finding ways to heal our wounds and deal with our issues so that we don’t pass them on to our kids.
  • Love is limiting our kids media time so that they develop other interests that are more fulfilling and will make them happier in life.
  • Love is making outside time and fitness part of our kids daily life, including getting out and being active with them even when we’d really like to watch tv, read a book or just putter at home.
  • Love is seeing our child struggle with something and waiting to see if they can do it on their own in order to build confidence, instead of always doing it for them.
  • Love is playing a game of Scrabble on Friday night because it is fun and a bonding experience.
  • Love is planning for the future and looking after our finances so that we can provide for our kids.
  • Love for our children is the biggest challenge and the best reward that we could ever imaging!

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